Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bagel Lovers

I was at the grocery store today looking for some yummy new things (I'm sick of my ol' boring recipes) when I passed the bagel section. Bagels are a weakness for me but since they have mucho carbs I have tried to stay away from them for a while. Well, theres a solution: Bagel Thins! Here's what's in these bad boys: 

Bagel Thin Facts:
110 cals in each one
19 net carbs 
5g fiber
0g trans fat
Not too shabby, huh? So naturally I snagged the 100% whole wheat ones off the shelf and ate one for lunch with a thin layer of garden vegetable 1/3 less fat cream cheese paired with sliced peppers and carrots with a tablespoon of hummus. It made for a completely satisfying nutrious meal. Check it out... 

my delicious bagel sandwich 

For dessert I wanted to try out these new protein PB cookies. I'm still trying to perfect this one.. I don't think I added enough water and possibly cooked it too long! They crumbled... but at least they were tasty :) 

vanilla protein power
peanut butter
little bit of water 

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