Monday, March 21, 2011

The Evil Stair Stepper

Every since I started going to the gym I have always for the most part stayed away from the dreaded stair stepper machine. For some reason it really freaks me out! But today I decided to face my fears. 

After a 25 minute interval treadmill workout and various arm routines, I braced myself and headed towards the stair stepper. I set it for only 10 minutes since I figured I should ease my way on to that monster. 

I realize to most people the stair stepper isn't too bad, and after my 10 intense minutes, I felt the burn but really enjoyed it! Looks like I'll be using it more often :) 

As I headed home, my stinkin' gas light when I off. I literally dread every time I have to get gas and I usually wait until I'm on E to finally stop and get gas. Tonight was different and after stopping to get gas I wound up a whoppin' $60 poorer :( What the effff? Kev and I always say what the eff? after watching this hilarious David Blaine spoof. We're silly. ;)

And now back at my apartment I made some yummy spaghetti squash and got excited to watch the Bachelor until I realized it's over.  So a recap: Emily and Brad are soooo cute! And although seeing them after the rose ceremony was a back to reality check, I really admire her authenticity. They are experiencing what most couples experience and I really hope they work it out! But seriously, no wonder they fight. Can you imagine seeing your boyfriend/fiance kiss other girls and tell them he has feelings for them?? Uh, no thanks!!

Still, look how cute they are... 

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