Thursday, March 17, 2011

Cookie Monster

Lately, Ive really been feeling like the cookie monster. This whole 'no-chocolate' thing is driving me crazy! How sad is this... Since I gave it up 1 week and 1 day ago, I have had two dreams about eating chocolate chip cookies! Now that's embarrassing!!

I'm not quite sure if I'm dreaming about them because I am worried that I'm accidently going to eat one without realizing it, or if I just miss them.. I'm gonna go with the later :) 

So I decided I had to try one of our delicious pastries from my work. Now Id be a bad employee if I didn't, right? ;) 

My mommy met me at Zov's and we picked out a few cookies for her coworkers and we shared one of these.. 

2 peanut butter cookies with 
pb icing in the center

This thing is dangerous! My mom and I agreed it was easily the best cookie we have had in a longgg time. Luckily, it satisfied my little craving for a cookie and I think I'll be good for another week.. maybe ;) 

Happy St. Patrick's Day! 

Hope everyone is enjoying this fun holiday! My parents are making corn beef and cabbage for din. I'm going to pass on the corn beef but I still appreciate my mom's attempt to be festive! Maybe, I'll make a St. Patty's day treat :) 

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