Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mediterranean Style Lunch

I've been a bad eater today.. I had a yogurt before my walk this morning at around 8am and didn't eat again until after work at around 3! Thats not good at all, especially when I've been out and about doing things and I have really low blood sugar. It's hard to not get hungry at work when all these yummy smells and decorative plates of food are constantly in your face. My work specializes in American plates with a hint of mediterranean cuisine. Naturally, when I got home I prepared a whole wheat tortilla wrap with a layer of hummus, chix, and peppers. It was delicious!

I'm definitely having chocolate withdrawals on my first day of Lent. After finishing up a salty wrap, nothing sounds better than a sweet snack : ) I'm thinkin' a little (maybe medium size) spoon of peanut butter? Yes please!  

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