Saturday, February 26, 2011

Mini Vaca

I've been lagging on blogging about my somewhat crazy weekend last week so I finally snagged a couple minutes to tell you about my "mini vaca." I was asked to housesit last weekend for a friend of a friend who I have only met once. They live in a huge house in Laguna Niguel so naturally, I didn't want to stay alone so Kev decided to tag along for the weekend. The lady let us stay in their beautiful guest house and we had the whole weekend to relax and take care of an adorable 4 month old puppy. It really was a relaxing getaway from the "orange bubble" expect for a few minor mishaps. We got locked out of the house twice and I had to climb through a doggy door 4 times. We also got stuck in horrible story traffic on our way to LA for a work thing that Kev had to do and therefore we missed din with my sis and Cam. (We have been planning a dinner with them for about two months and ALWAYS have to reschedule. So frustrating!) 
Despite the madness, look at this cutie we got play with and love for a weekend...

two cuties :) 

After a stressful weekend we decided to head to the Cheesecake Factory for yummy din and the best Reeses Cheesecake that we shared for a nutritious breakfast the next morn ;) 

Me and Kevin 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Experimenting with Cauliflower

Tonight I took a teeny weeny break from my 8 hour study sesh to make a yummy nutritious meal. I had experimented with my friend Katie this past summer and I remember making this really delicious roasted cauliflower and onion dish with a rosemary dressing. So I thought I would try to replicate this meal. Turned out pretty darn tasty! 

Chopped cauliflower and onions 
*dressing: oil with italian spices and garlic salt*
15 minutes- 450
(turn half way through)

I have a HUGE craving for fro yo right now but no one else does.. I guess applesauce will have to do:) 

Peanut Butta Cookies

Last night I went home for a nice home cooked meal and to catch up with my sis who is also staying at my parents this week. What did we have for din?? My all time favorite meal: salmon! My mom makes it perfect, just enough sweet just enough salt. I also caught up on the Bach (my votes go to Emily and Brad). I needed a lil' extra something sweet so I decided to whip up some super easy super delicious flour-less peanut butter cookies! (Thanks to Julie from PBF who shares my love for peanut butter + healthy foods) My family always makes fun of me for my "flour-less, sugar-less, fat-less" concoctions but everyone ate them up and said they were delicious! I made a batch of 12 and ate half of the rest of the dough.. quite possibly the best part:) 

Check out these bad boys....
1 cup sugar, 1 cup peanut butter, 1 egg
350 (10-15 mins depending on size)
*optional: choc chips*

Since I had about half my weight in PB cookies last night (kidding, of course ;) ) I hit the gym bright n early for a full body workout. 
My workout:

2.5 mile walk with pups
1 mile- 6.2 treadmill 

1 min- wall sit
20 lunges- with two 5 lb weights in hand 
45 sec- wall sit 
20 lunges- two 5 lb weights in hand 
30 sec- wall sit
20 lunges- two 5 lb weights in hand 

25 crunches- toes up
25 crunches- legs up to the right
25 crunches- legs up straight
25 crunches- legs up to the left
25 crunches- legs up straight
25 jack hammers (legs out then back to chest seated at 45 degree angle)
25 crunches- legs up straight
25 toe reachs
25 crunches- legs up straight 
40 heel reaches

45 curls each arm with 5 lb weights 
1 minute plank
10 push ups 

Then I followed my workout with a 15 minute sesh in the sauna and an apple. I was nice and sweaty and ready to run some errands! 

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Two of My Favorite Things: Weddings and Romance

This morning was a hurried one. Woke up, showered, made breakfast which consisted of an Alternative bagel sandwich with a fried egg, half of a grapefruit and vanilla chai tea! It was a bomb breakfast that gave me just enough energy to hit the books for an extra hour of studying (on top of the 9 hours I studied yesterday) and to power through my exam. 

Now that thats over, I needed to snag a little break in between classes. My go to when I have a break: Nora Robert's Bride Quartet. If you are like me and many girls, you might be obsessed with weddings. Ok, obsessed is a strong word. Maybe, interested? Anyway, these books are about 4 best friends who make their lives about their wedding planning business and fall in love along the way. It is so romantic and since I love lovee weddings and romance these are the perfect fix! Check em' out... 

Monday, February 21, 2011

Back to Reality

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Mine was.. interesting, check back later for a post on my mini vaca! But sadly, today I had to snap back to reality because I had tons to do! I slept in a little this morning (9am!) and when I woke up realized all that I had to do. 
I started my mornin' off with a Vanilla and Cranberry Lite Yogurt with Chia seeds (Thanks to a suggestion from Julie's Peanut Butter Fingers). They are great!! They add just enough texture, like Julie I am such a texture person. They also give carry a huge pack of Omega 3's (more than salmon!) and they help curb your appetite if you're looking to loose weight, which I am not. I just like the little added crunch!

Then I headed to the gym for a cardio and ab workout! 
10 minutes- 6.0 treadmill 
10 minutes- stair stepper 
10 minutes- elliptical 
Ab workout 
25 crunches- legs up in table top
25 crunches- legs up to the right
25 crunches- legs up to the left 
25 jack hammers 
25 crunches- legs down 
40 arm to heel reaches 
1 min- hold plank 
10 push ups
10- right side plank reaches (hand up cross body and reach below torso)
10- left side plank reaches (same as above) 
*repeat entire plank workout! 

I am a little sore today because Kevin and I did the Panther Ab workout yesterday! I whooped his booty! ;) (he might disagree) Then I had a chai tea and a bowl of bluebs (aka blueberries) for a snacky snack. 

Time for Lunch!! Today for lunch I had an Asian Tuna Salad. Yum! 

Avacado, Tomtoes and Tuna over bed of lettuce
tossed with light Asian Dressing

And I can't forget to mention the dark chocolate heart I had for dessert! I needed a little sugar kick before I bury my head in books again! 

Friday, February 18, 2011

Mid Night Snacky Snack

Last night was the first night me and my roomie and our friends FINALLY went out! Woohoo. We were really stoked (and proud) since lately we've all been a little anti-social. Side note: our bedtime is 1030pm during the week! So we got dressed up for a "white and black" 21st birthday party! It was fun to finally get out and see some friends! 

Jesse, Rebecca, Me and Kev

The Birthday girl and my roomie/bestie

After being at the party for  few hours we decided to move the "party" back to Kevs house: Kevin, me Rebecca and Jesse. We all felt like doing something even though it was one pm. Our brilliant idea.. make pancakes.. yumm! We made (ok, Kevin made ;) ) whole wheat pancakes with cinnamon and maple syrup. They were bomb and definitely satisfied our little midnight craving!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

A healthy, happy lifestyle:)

Trying to balance a full time school schedule, a part time job and a social life with a healthy life style can be tricky. Luckily, I've been able to snag a few tricks that keep me energized and fueled throughout a stress-filled week.

1. Food, food, food! Most important component to surviving an 8-9 hour work (or school) day is making sure you are eating a healthy, well-balanced diet. Lots of protein, veggies, and healthy fats are key! I've found that eating small snacks throughout the day gives me more energy than a 3-meal a day plan. So in the morn I usually have a bowl of grapefruit (helps speed up your metabolism and is so yummy!) I ALWAYS pack snacks! And yes, I whip them out and eat them in class;) For dinner, I usually make some kind of salad ( I really like asparagus, tomatoes and bell peppers) and chicken, tuna or salmon.

Snacks usually consist of the following:
yogurt with fruit and nuts
apples (sometimes with pb)
a banana
celery with pb
a bag of carrots
tuna either plain or over a bed of lettuce with tomatoes and other yummy veggies

2. Hittin' up the gym. Making sure you get plenty of exercise is SUPER important. A 3 mile walk/jog, a spinning or kick box class, yoga, free weights are all great ways to make your body love and hate you at the same time. You know you always feel good once you get your heart pumpin' :) I know being really busy it's hard to squeeze this in, but once you start a schedule you will have way more energy and the decreasing lbs is a plus!

3. Z's. I have always been a napper. My mom retells the story of how I walked myself home from the park( two houses away) when I was 3 years old and my mom came home to find me in my crib. I pretty much never pass on an opportunity to catch up on sleep. But making sure you get a solid 7-9 hour night sleep is key. During the night, every part of your body rejuvenates, including your skin! Plus if you have a full day of activities the next day, you don't want to crash halfway through. Also, it is important to minimize caffeine so don't depend on caffeine instead of a full night's rest.

4. A schedule. Having your day planned out allows you to fit in lots of different activities. Once you get yourself on a schedule it is easier to accomplish a lot throughout the day! As I've mentioned, I am a planner. I am glued to my Erin Condrin daily planner which allows me to map out my entire week, day by day and hour by hour. This way I can see what the week has in store for me and when I can squeeze in time to see the girls, hangout with Kev, and catch up on any missed TV shows. (Like the Bachelor! Which I missed last week and can't wait to watch!) This also allows me to schedule in ME time which leads to me to my next point.....

5. RELAX. As sad as it is that I have to actual schedule in time to relax, it is still very important. When looking at your planner, pencil in a block of time to just hangout or do anything you wouldn't do otherwise. And DON'T make plans during that time.. unless you reschedule your relaxing time. During this time, catch up on missed tv shows, treat yourself to a shopping day or just hang out with loved ones. You will feel so much better and happier which is imperative to a healthy lifestyle.

6. And finally, indulge. If you deplete your body of any main food group it is unhealthy. As long as you don't go overboard and do everything in moderation. So, no don't break out the ice cream during a tv sesh intending to eat a few bites, and end up finishing the whole carton! I know self-control is hard sometimes! But definitely let yourself enjoy the things you love.
My treat: FRO YOOO! My treat and my obsession. I often have to remind myself that going everyday for a week is not considered moderation.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day Surprise and Oops!

Kev and I celebrated our first Valentine's Day and it was so fun! We hadn't seen each other all day (we both have very busy schedules) when he called me to come over for dinner at 745. Let me just preface by saying, I was NOT expecting anything. I am super laid back and both of us would have been just as happy eating frozen din, watching a movie and just spending time with each other. SERIOUSLY. Ok, now that that's said:) When I got there he had his dining room table set like any other dinner table and we sat down to eat. Before we dug into the BEST DINNER EVER (grilled chicken, pasta with an amazing tomato and cream sauce, and my favorite veggie: steamed asparagus) he suggested we eat outside. Romantic, huh? When we walked outside there was a little table set for two with candles, music and a bottle of wine. It was so special coming from Kevin. We talked about how neither of us were that "into" Valentine's Day but he said he wanted our first Valentine's Day to be memorable and special.. and boy it was ;) We finished the night with a walk on the beach in Newport (we do this every so often as kind of a tradition and something different to do) and chocolate covered strawberries and wine in the bed of his truck. It was so romantic and definitely the best Valentines Day yet! 

Okay, so now for the oops! Kevin and I were both a little out of it today even though we really sincerely got lots of sleep last night. I'm pretty sure we ended up falling asleep at like 12. I had to be up at 730 this morning and he was up by 830, so we got a significant amount of sleep. Apparently not! I was a zombie today at school and so was he. I guess he was so tired he attempted to text me this afternoon to tell me how tired he was and that he thought we had gotten a lot of sleep and blah blah blah. Yeah, I never received that text. But guess who did? His mom! So awkward! Buy, hey it could have been way worse right?? oh man, can't wait to go to Bakersfield to see his fam next weekend:) 

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Treat!

After a filing through a few ideas about what I should make for Kevin, I settled on baking him a cookie cake, in a heart shape of course! I cheated and used a roll of pre-made cookie dough in a tin pan. Turned out pretty cute!

The center is a little mushier than I had planned. But hey, who doesn't love cookie dough? ;) If he doesn't eat it, I sure will! 

Other ideas I thought about:
collage of pics of us together
chocolate covered strawberries
CD of our favorite songs (we're BIG Country fans!!)
homemade blanket

As much as I love romance, I've never been a huge fan of the big hallmark holiday. I think everyday should be like Valentine's Day for couples. But it's still fun to break out your creative side and do something extra sweet for your honey. Kevin and I really didn't even bring up Valentine's Day until a day ago when he asked if he could make din for me. He's a great cook, so this was the perfect date for us:) I'm excited to share a romantic dinner at home with him, maybe a little cookie dough dessert if we have room in or tummies.(He's a football player, thus eats like one. Its hard to keep up!) 

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Welcome back!

After a long break from blogging, I'm super eager to start up again! This time with a different approach. I thought about the blogs that I love to read and decided to have a more personal, day in the life of me blog :) 

So I guess a good place to start would be to tell ya'll a bit about myself, huh?  I'm a college student living in my first apartment ever. I live super close to my parents...close enough to go home for a home cooked meal every once in a while ;). I recently quit my job as a hostess at a restaurant in Newport Beach. So, yes, currently unemployed but on the lookout! I'm in a sorority, Kappy Alpha Theta, and as much as I love my sorority, I don't give it as much attention as I should. I made a vow today to be a better theta just as I was paying for my dues, on the last possible day I could've. 

Favorite things to do:
read (currently obsessed with Nora Robert's Wedding Quartet)
peruse through blogs
cook- one of my fav things to do is find yummy usually healthy recipes and cook up a meal and drink wine:) 
hang with my friends.. duh. 
shop- another obsession. 
plan-i love making plans, as weird as this sounds having plans makes me happy
hang with my main squeeze- boyfriend Kevin (aka Kev)
drink wine- did I mention that before? It must be one of my favs
relax- up until last week I had no idea what that was
.. ok much more but you'll hear me rant about those later :) 

Hope you enjoy my blog, check back tomorrow after I turn on my creative brain and make something special for Kev for our first Valentines Day!