Saturday, March 5, 2011

Cow Tongue and Cupcakes

Well I bet you're all wondering what the heck my title is all about!! Welp tonight, I ate cow tongue. 

I am visiting Kevin's family in Bakersfield this weekend (hence, the lagging on my updates!) for his birthday. We went out to dinner tonight to one of the most popular places in town, Woolgrowers where they serve Basque food. Until tonight, I'd never heard of Basque but apparently its a big thing here in town specializing in A LOT of red meat. Awesome. 
It actually turned out to be really fun and delicious. Every person gets served the same 6 or 7 courses BEFORE your entree! I opted out on selecting a main course as I'm not a "red" meat eater and 7 courses is plenty for my belly. But boy did I leave there completely stuffed! 

My menu for the evening:
cabbage soup and bread (beans and salsa were also served) 
vegetables soaked in a yummy oil/vinegar dressing 
french fries 
shrimp scampi
and last but not least the infamous cow tongue... 
(They also brought our spaghetti, green beans, regular beans)

At first I cringed at the thought of eating cow tongue as I'd been warned several times by Kevin and his mom that this would be served. I tried to prepare myself and amp myself up enough to at least try a tiny bit even though I am not a big meat eater and come on, its cow tongue!!! Before we got there I told myself I was definitely going to try it but as soon as the brought it out (yes, in the shape of a tongue) I definitely had second thoughts. Luckily, I had already consumed 2 glasses of the best wine ever so I didn't chicken out. Kev cut me a tiny, Im talkin' fingernail size, piece and I'm pretty sure I swallowed it whole. So if you ask me how I liked it, I really couldn't tell ya. All I can say is it is really slimy! Yuck! But I'm so proud of myself for trying it :) 

To top off the night we sang Happy Birthday and ate cupcakes, yummmy! I had the turtle one and ate it all up! Besides the few bits Kev sneaked without me looking ;)

Turtle Cupcake: 
Chocolate cake 
Carmel Filling 
Choc and Vanilla Icing 

It was bomb! Good thing Kev and I had a great workout this morning. He kicked my butt and had me doing all kinds of strength training exercises I'd never heard of. We decided we're great workout buddies :) 

Now that all that food is in our bellies we can hardly move off the couch. Catch ya tomorrow! 

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