Monday, March 14, 2011

Mango Monday

Don't ya love my totally cheesy title? :) This morning I woke up ay 9am.. woah! I guess my body is having a hard time adjusting to this day light's savings thing. I made myself a yummy thin bagel sandwich with a fried egg and strawberry jam and scooted out the door!
I was really feelin' the gym this morning... 

My workout:

20 mins treadmill:
sprint and hilly intervals 

Min   Incline   Speed 
0-1 min 2.0 @ 3.5
1-3 min 2.0 @ 5.0
3-5 min 2.0 @ 6.0 
5-7 min 4.0 @ 3.5
7-9 min 4.0 @ 5.5
9-11 min 4.0 @ 6.5 
11-12 min .5 @ 3.0
13-14 min .5 @ 7.5 
14-15 min .5 @ 3.0 
15-16 min .5 @ 7.5 
16- 17 min .5 @ 3.0 
17- 18 min .5 @ 7.5 
18-20 min 2.0 @ 3.5 

Then I headed to the mat for an arms and abs routine that consisted of various sit ups, curls, triceps, etc. 
I finished up with 15 mins on the elliptical for some anaerobic exercise. It felt really good and by the time I finished up I realized I'd been at the gym for 1.5 hours, which is about .5 hrs more than usual! 


When I got home from the gym I poured myself a tall glass of water mixed with vanilla whey protein powder and sliced up some yummy mango. I got fresh mango this weekend at the farmers market. My roommate and her boyfriend and Kevin and  I all headed to the swap meet early Saturday morning for some fresh produce for dirt cheap. I'm talking a bag of 7 avocados for $2. Now thats a steal! I also filled up on some apples and a spaghetti squash. I'm excited to try out the squash tonight so check back for the results! But first, look how yummy this mango is.... 

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