Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Summer Salad

I hate this rainy weather in Socal. A lot of my friends are on Spring Break and are spending their break in pouring rain! All this rain was making me crave a summery salad! 
So after a medium intensity workout and a quick catch up with my friends Kylie and Lesley, I made this... 

In the Salad:
Blue Cheese
Balsamic Vinegar

It was super delicious and made me feel for a split second like it was summer.... And all this talk of Spring Break is makin me excited!!! Two trips in 10 tens. Woohoo! 

The first part of the break I'm heading to Vegas with my besties and our boys. I've only been to Vegas a few times and they were both low key hang by the pool see a show kind of trips. I have a slight inkling this trip could be a little wild with this bunch. 

Girls Trip in Vegas with 
my sis 2008

The second half of the trip will be spent in Utah with my family and Kevin. It was a surprise Christmas present from my sister and her fiance. We are gonna do a whole lotta snowboarding and skiing... 

Big Bear with my favoritist people :) 

But let's bring it back to reality, I still have 3.5 weeks until then! Today's workout included.

Treadmill Intervals

mins  incline  speed
0-5       0            6.5
5-7       4             3.0
7-9       4            6.0
9-11      6            3.0 
11-13    6            5.5
13-15    2           6.0
15-16    2           3.0
16-17    2           7.0
17-18    2          3.5
18-19    2          7.0
19-20  .5           3.0

Then I headed to the mat for a super fun ab routine to the song.... Baby by Justin Beiber. As totally cheesy and silly as it is it's really upbeat and a perfect song for the first part of my ab routine. I finished up with 10 mins on the not-so evil stair stepper

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