Thursday, March 10, 2011


I hope you guys eventually catch on to my little abbreviations. Strawbs=Strawberries. 
Tonight was a relaxing one. Kevin and I went to dinner, just the two of us. We drove around for 20 mins trying to pick a place not too crowded or expensive ( we both can be a little indecisive but he usually ends up choosing ;) )

Eventually we ended up at Islands. Nothing fancy shmancy, just a quick bite to eat. We shared a spinach dip app that was bomb! And each ordered a small entree. I had a chix ceasar salad, minus the chicken? There were about two tiny pieces of chicken.. Im talking need a magnifying glass tiny. So we got my din free:) 

After din we hit the hot tub to relax and soothe our sore muscles. Then Kev headed out with our friends to celebrate one of our friends 21st bdays! Its stinky being 20, but only 1 more month! I'm glad Kev got to go hang out with friends, and I headed home to catch up with my momma. 
I also enjoyed a small healthy dessert that consisted of my fav fruit, strawberries, with light cool whip. It definitely hit the spot ;) 

Lite Cool Whip only contains 20 calories 
in 2 Tbls, not too shabby, eh?

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