Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sweet Surprise

Today was a bit of a rough day, just one of those "Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Days".(Did you guys read that book when you were a kid?) I might be being a little bit dramatic and the sickness and lack of motherly "care" could be adding to it but today was just not my day. Guess who sensed I was a little off my game?.. Yup, Kevin. 
He always seems to be there for me at the right time when I need him. I mean, what more could a girl want? I was sitting at home after venting to him about my grumpiness and it was not long before I heard an unexpected knock at the door. *Around here when you're not expecting someone, it can be a little creepy to answer the door.*
 In any case, I peeked through the peep hole and Kevin was outside. He had about a 20 minute break between class and work and my apt is about 10 minutes away so he jetted over here to just hangout and check in with me. 
It's all about the little things :) 

Good thing he came when he did because 20 mins later I had to leave for yoga class which actually kicked my bootay, looks like I need to be practicing my yoga moves a little more ;) *Kevin always teases that he knows all the yoga moves. His favorite.. the triangle. hehe! 
After yoga I treated myself to a sweet treat. Since I couldn't have any chocolate I figured peanut butter fro yo would have to do.. Although the chocolate mocha looked amazing, I licked my bowl of pb goodiness clean before I even pulled in the complex!

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