Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Banana Oatmeal

One school day down, one to go!! I love my schedule, because my weeks go by so fast! 

But I'm not gonna lie, my 9 hr day inched on today starting at 615! I woke up, showered and made myself a delicious banana oatmeal bowl! I got this recipe from Katie's Blog. And it was bomb!

I didn't take a pic but basically you cook a bowl of oatmeal and then melt a banana in a different bowl. (I microwaved my banana until it was gooey, approx. 35-40 seconds) Then you add the banana to the oatmeal and mix with non-diary milk and a little brown sugar. Mm such a sweet way to start my morn! 

After school I swung by the market to pick up some staples since I hadn't been in about 3 weeks. I've been living off produce from the Farmer's Market. At the grocery store I snagged this... 

Peach Flavored Water
*contains water ;) * 

This is my favorite thing everrr. I have a hard time drinking enough water, although I try. The sweet flavor with no added calories, scoreee! 

I also picked up some other things like yogurt, mushrooms, and veggie/ chix burgers. Then I headed to meet my friend, Michele, for some fro yo! She is home for Spring Break and I couldn't wait to catch up with her and enjoy a sweet coffee fro yo treat, yummm! 

Me and Mich :)

For dinner I made a quick and easy chix burger on a sandwich thin with lettuce and a thin layer of mustard. I also sauteed some fresh mushrooms that made for a perfect side to my chix burger. 

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  1. The girls in the background of your picture are too funny! Flavored sparkling water is AMAZING--I always drink waaay too much and wind up with severe heartburn haha