Sunday, February 13, 2011

Welcome back!

After a long break from blogging, I'm super eager to start up again! This time with a different approach. I thought about the blogs that I love to read and decided to have a more personal, day in the life of me blog :) 

So I guess a good place to start would be to tell ya'll a bit about myself, huh?  I'm a college student living in my first apartment ever. I live super close to my parents...close enough to go home for a home cooked meal every once in a while ;). I recently quit my job as a hostess at a restaurant in Newport Beach. So, yes, currently unemployed but on the lookout! I'm in a sorority, Kappy Alpha Theta, and as much as I love my sorority, I don't give it as much attention as I should. I made a vow today to be a better theta just as I was paying for my dues, on the last possible day I could've. 

Favorite things to do:
read (currently obsessed with Nora Robert's Wedding Quartet)
peruse through blogs
cook- one of my fav things to do is find yummy usually healthy recipes and cook up a meal and drink wine:) 
hang with my friends.. duh. 
shop- another obsession. 
plan-i love making plans, as weird as this sounds having plans makes me happy
hang with my main squeeze- boyfriend Kevin (aka Kev)
drink wine- did I mention that before? It must be one of my favs
relax- up until last week I had no idea what that was
.. ok much more but you'll hear me rant about those later :) 

Hope you enjoy my blog, check back tomorrow after I turn on my creative brain and make something special for Kev for our first Valentines Day! 

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