Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Peanut Butta Cookies

Last night I went home for a nice home cooked meal and to catch up with my sis who is also staying at my parents this week. What did we have for din?? My all time favorite meal: salmon! My mom makes it perfect, just enough sweet just enough salt. I also caught up on the Bach (my votes go to Emily and Brad). I needed a lil' extra something sweet so I decided to whip up some super easy super delicious flour-less peanut butter cookies! (Thanks to Julie from PBF who shares my love for peanut butter + healthy foods) My family always makes fun of me for my "flour-less, sugar-less, fat-less" concoctions but everyone ate them up and said they were delicious! I made a batch of 12 and ate half of the rest of the dough.. quite possibly the best part:) 

Check out these bad boys....
1 cup sugar, 1 cup peanut butter, 1 egg
350 (10-15 mins depending on size)
*optional: choc chips*

Since I had about half my weight in PB cookies last night (kidding, of course ;) ) I hit the gym bright n early for a full body workout. 
My workout:

2.5 mile walk with pups
1 mile- 6.2 treadmill 

1 min- wall sit
20 lunges- with two 5 lb weights in hand 
45 sec- wall sit 
20 lunges- two 5 lb weights in hand 
30 sec- wall sit
20 lunges- two 5 lb weights in hand 

25 crunches- toes up
25 crunches- legs up to the right
25 crunches- legs up straight
25 crunches- legs up to the left
25 crunches- legs up straight
25 jack hammers (legs out then back to chest seated at 45 degree angle)
25 crunches- legs up straight
25 toe reachs
25 crunches- legs up straight 
40 heel reaches

45 curls each arm with 5 lb weights 
1 minute plank
10 push ups 

Then I followed my workout with a 15 minute sesh in the sauna and an apple. I was nice and sweaty and ready to run some errands! 

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