Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Treat!

After a filing through a few ideas about what I should make for Kevin, I settled on baking him a cookie cake, in a heart shape of course! I cheated and used a roll of pre-made cookie dough in a tin pan. Turned out pretty cute!

The center is a little mushier than I had planned. But hey, who doesn't love cookie dough? ;) If he doesn't eat it, I sure will! 

Other ideas I thought about:
collage of pics of us together
chocolate covered strawberries
CD of our favorite songs (we're BIG Country fans!!)
homemade blanket

As much as I love romance, I've never been a huge fan of the big hallmark holiday. I think everyday should be like Valentine's Day for couples. But it's still fun to break out your creative side and do something extra sweet for your honey. Kevin and I really didn't even bring up Valentine's Day until a day ago when he asked if he could make din for me. He's a great cook, so this was the perfect date for us:) I'm excited to share a romantic dinner at home with him, maybe a little cookie dough dessert if we have room in or tummies.(He's a football player, thus eats like one. Its hard to keep up!) 

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