Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day Surprise and Oops!

Kev and I celebrated our first Valentine's Day and it was so fun! We hadn't seen each other all day (we both have very busy schedules) when he called me to come over for dinner at 745. Let me just preface by saying, I was NOT expecting anything. I am super laid back and both of us would have been just as happy eating frozen din, watching a movie and just spending time with each other. SERIOUSLY. Ok, now that that's said:) When I got there he had his dining room table set like any other dinner table and we sat down to eat. Before we dug into the BEST DINNER EVER (grilled chicken, pasta with an amazing tomato and cream sauce, and my favorite veggie: steamed asparagus) he suggested we eat outside. Romantic, huh? When we walked outside there was a little table set for two with candles, music and a bottle of wine. It was so special coming from Kevin. We talked about how neither of us were that "into" Valentine's Day but he said he wanted our first Valentine's Day to be memorable and special.. and boy it was ;) We finished the night with a walk on the beach in Newport (we do this every so often as kind of a tradition and something different to do) and chocolate covered strawberries and wine in the bed of his truck. It was so romantic and definitely the best Valentines Day yet! 

Okay, so now for the oops! Kevin and I were both a little out of it today even though we really sincerely got lots of sleep last night. I'm pretty sure we ended up falling asleep at like 12. I had to be up at 730 this morning and he was up by 830, so we got a significant amount of sleep. Apparently not! I was a zombie today at school and so was he. I guess he was so tired he attempted to text me this afternoon to tell me how tired he was and that he thought we had gotten a lot of sleep and blah blah blah. Yeah, I never received that text. But guess who did? His mom! So awkward! Buy, hey it could have been way worse right?? oh man, can't wait to go to Bakersfield to see his fam next weekend:) 

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