Friday, February 18, 2011

Mid Night Snacky Snack

Last night was the first night me and my roomie and our friends FINALLY went out! Woohoo. We were really stoked (and proud) since lately we've all been a little anti-social. Side note: our bedtime is 1030pm during the week! So we got dressed up for a "white and black" 21st birthday party! It was fun to finally get out and see some friends! 

Jesse, Rebecca, Me and Kev

The Birthday girl and my roomie/bestie

After being at the party for  few hours we decided to move the "party" back to Kevs house: Kevin, me Rebecca and Jesse. We all felt like doing something even though it was one pm. Our brilliant idea.. make pancakes.. yumm! We made (ok, Kevin made ;) ) whole wheat pancakes with cinnamon and maple syrup. They were bomb and definitely satisfied our little midnight craving!

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