Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Experimenting with Cauliflower

Tonight I took a teeny weeny break from my 8 hour study sesh to make a yummy nutritious meal. I had experimented with my friend Katie this past summer and I remember making this really delicious roasted cauliflower and onion dish with a rosemary dressing. So I thought I would try to replicate this meal. Turned out pretty darn tasty! 

Chopped cauliflower and onions 
*dressing: oil with italian spices and garlic salt*
15 minutes- 450
(turn half way through)

I have a HUGE craving for fro yo right now but no one else does.. I guess applesauce will have to do:) 


  1. Looks super delish! What is the dressing that you used? Just a homemade dressing with those ingredients? What did you bake it in? Next time you come over to my house you're making din!

  2. I thought of you tonight! I made garlic, pistachio brussel sprouts and sweet potato fries. It was delish!